Her story

Rachy Katly, also known as Rachel Katalay, grew up in Kinshasa, Congo, surrounded by music and faith. From a young age, she was drawn to Gospel music, and by 19 yo, she had embraced it fully through baptism.

Now based in SA, Cape Town, at 24 yo, Rachy is making a name for herself as a R&B singer, and as a Music producer and composer under the name of Spirante Beat.

Her music blends R&B and rap, reflecting her life experiences and beliefs. Rachy Katly's songs aren't just catchy—they carry messages of hope and staying true to oneself. She believes in achieving dreams without compromising on personal values, a theme that runs deep in her lyrics.

Besides making music, Rachy Katly shares her journey as a content creator. She provides helpful resources for other musicians and creators, promoting a community that values both artistic growth and authenticity. Her contents encourages others to stay organized and true to themselves while pursuing their creative passions.

Rachy Katly's rise in the music world is a testament to perseverance and faith. Her story—from a young girl in Kinshasa to a respected artist based in Cape Town—inspires others to believe in their dreams.

So, the next time you hear her soulful tunes or energetic beats, know you're listening to the voice of a rising star whose music speaks volumes about chasing dreams while staying grounded in what matters most.

Rachy Katly's face in avatar
Rachy Katly's face in avatar